Malt Amaranth – Seeds

Malt Amaranth seeds. Grows four flats of Malt Amaranth microgreens.

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Product Description

Organic Malt Amaranth seeds perfected for indoor growing.

Our seeds are non-GMO, rigorously tested to ensure that they exceed sanitation and contamination standards, and the varieties we offer are carefully and specifically selected for Urban Cultivator appliances.

The nutty ancient seed is similar to quinoa, and just like quinoa, is packed with protein. It can be prepared in a number of ways, from boiling to popping, and can even be had for breakfast as cereal. Compared to rice, amaranth has almost 30% more protein. In addition to protein, it’s also rich in lysine, an essential amino acid. When planted, amaranth grows beautifully lush ruby red leaves (though sometimes also grows to become green or even gold), and is often eaten in its leafy form in Asia, often cooked in stirfries, soups, curries, and daals. Amaranth is also grown in Africa, where nutritional food may be scarce in certain parts of the continent.

GROW TIME2-3 weeks